quinta-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2011

DIY - Camiseta de "bolinhas"

Dots, dots, lots of dots!  The power of the polka dot is proving to be one of the strongest trends for Fall/Winter.  While some may dance the polka, you may want to wear it on your sleeve. Marc Jacobs FW11 Collection fused the classic black & white combo with darling dots from head to toe, which is our DIY inspiration.  Only Marc could dream up this over-the-top pop of polka, reinventing a classic look with a modern twist. 
It’s on: Reach for fusible fabric which is available at most fabric stores.  You can also purchase online.  BONUS—Its’s very inexpensive!  Trace your polka dot pattern on paper.  I suggest using a bottom of a cup or any other circle you may have.  Cut out the pattern and place on top of fusible fabric.  To speed up the dot cutting, fold the material back and forth, which will result in multiple dots cut.  After you have cut out a bunch ‘o dots, place them a straight line on a white cotton tee shirt.  P.S.- Use a ruler or straight edge to help keep them in line.  Make sure you place them adhesive side down.  Feel free to have the dots go off the tee shirts edges, you can trim at the end.  Row by row, iron as you go- making sure the dots are totally fused on.  Once all the dots are adhered to the tee, use scissors to trim the hanging material. 
You may want to wash, for the first go ahead, and hang to dry. Keep some extra dots on hand incase you have any fallen soldiers aka, polka dots. Dance the polka… don the dots!

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